I’m sorry Tamir

I’m sorry Tamir.

I’m sorry that you grew up in a world where you, a child, weren’t given the shadow of a doubt.

I’m sorry that you were tried and executed because of the color of your skin.

I’m sorry that you still won’t get justice.

I’m sorry that the system is so obviously stacked against you.

I’m sorry that you lived and died in a world that could have been better and so many chose to ignore it.


To Love

To Love 

It’s easy to love people who think like me 
It’s easy to love people who are oppressed 
Who are hated by others because of their skin 
Who are hated by others because of who they love
Who are hated because they are poor

Because I want them to know 
that they are loved
Regardless of what their mother said about them
Or what their racist neighbors did to them 
Or corporate America and it’s bullshit 
They. Are. Loved. 

It’s easy for me to love people who don’t hate the people I love. 

I do it because that’s what my God tells me to do 

But He also tells me to love those who hate me 
He tells me that they will know us 
by our Love

To love those who hate my black friends

To love those who hate my gay brother 

To show them what real love truly is. 

It’s so much harder to love them
Then again...
If it was easy... the whole world would already know love 
And I wouldn’t have to remind them to do it