Who I Am

i am not limited by your perception of me

i am who i am

and it’s taken me a long time to figure that out

to learn what is me

and what was forced on me by you

what was carved into me by you

it’s been painful

to peel back each layer

to question what i thought was myself

and find out that it’s not

to discover me

the pure unadulterated version of who i am

for that i will be forever grateful


Emotional Typewriter

I’m too angry to write.

The feelings are there, but the words escape me.

Gritted teeth, the forceful tapping of fingertips.

Absolute frustration exploding from my thoughts.

Incoherent strings of words are all that’s left.

And then, a gasp,

A release of coherence, calm and collected.

Words untangle the mess of emotions.

Words give an identity to feelings otherwise trapped.

Words begin to manifest peace.


The Hive

My mind knows it’s not worth it.

That it’s not worth getting angry.

But my body hasn’t figured that out.

My body is tired, tired of constantly being in fight or flight mode.

Tired of choosing fight and regretting it instantly.

The persistent buzz just beneath the surface of my skin.

The swarm of angry bees ready to fight.

My body exhausted, using up energy to smoke them into submission.

But if I don’t,

If I knock the hive and let them loose,

I won’t be the only person stung.


The Crown

Life will not get the best of you.

You have to fight it.

Prove it wrong.

Prove to the universe that you will not be toppled like a fallen kingdom.

You are worthy of the battle.

You will take a hit and then swing back.

Life will kick you down.

Shove your face into the mud.

You will fight back.

You will push your way back to your feet.

You will triumph over the bruised and bloodied field.

You will be stronger, wiser, smarter.

You are worthy of the crown.